Tuesday, 30 November 2010

kitchen ranges

Hi again. looking at our kitchen ranges we have split it into 4 categorys, classic, contemorary, select and concept.
Classic- this range is mainly your traditional or country type kitchen, with many solid oak doors as well as ash,walnut etc. These kitchens go well in period and cottage type houses. but also some of the painted doors can be given that modern twis with stainless appliances etc to bring them into the 21st century.
Contemporary- This range is generally for the more modern slick looking kitchen, with lots of straight lines and simple designs. Although there are still some modern oak and cream shaker doors in this range, these days all gloss door ranges are very popular.
Select- This is a great range that covers all types of kitchen, the great thing is any style door can be made in any of the colours across the range so it really does cover all bases.
Concept- This is our most popular range, with an initial 20 stunning kitchens it gets better. again you can pick any style door and have it in any colour. All doors are made to any size required at no extra cost, so making your kitchen 'bespoke' without the usual 'bespoke' price tag..

Thanks again..

Chris O'Toole

Kitchen and Home Solutions

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